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Freedom First Credit Union

Business Savings

Branded Star Mark
Branded Star Mark

Build Financial Security for Your Business

We offer a number of savings and deposit services for your business. Earn interest while enjoying the convenience of 10 local branches and 24/7 secure online banking. 

Our business rates are better than most local and national rates. We also offer custom underwriting and local decisions for business lending. Freedom First has the tools you need to build and grow with business services.

Briefcase icon.Business Primary Share
The initial account established for a business member.
Indexed Business Money Briefcase icon.Market
A specialized draft account with competitive interest rates and no transaction fee for up to three checks and six withdrawals each month.
Briefcase icon.Business Share Certificate
A Certificate of Deposit pledged for a fixed term to earn a specified rate.

Why Bank With Freedom First?

*All Dividends on this Schedule are Posted and Compounded Monthly. Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is variable and subject to change without prior notice. Dividends on these accounts are calculated by using the account Average Daily Balance (ADB) and the Tier A dividend method. The ADB is computed by adding the balance in the account for each day in the month and dividing that figure by the number of days in the month. The dividend Tier A method means that the dividend rate used will be based on the account ADB and the dividend rate for that ADB. The "Dividend Rate" for that tier will be used to pay the dividend on the entire ADB. For example, if the account ADB is $5,600 for the month, the entire $5,600 will be paid a dividend at the Tier 2 rate. No dividend will be paid if the account ADB is below $1000 for the month. There is a $10 per month fee for accounts with ADB below $5,000. If the account is closed before dividends are credited, any accrued dividend will not be credited. A one-time $5 deposit is required by Credit Union Bylaws for membership. If the account is closed, the $5 will be returned. Fees may reduce earnings.
**Increase in tier may allow for increase in dividend rate. See current Business Dividend Schedule for details.
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For Business Accounts

To open a business membership with Freedom First, the business must conduct business within our field of membership.

All business accounts will need the following documents:

  • Photo identification for all signers on the membership
  • Proof of EIN for the business entity

Below is a list of other required documents needed based on the entity type of your business.*

Business Type Documentation Needed*
Sole Proprietorship Fictitious name certificate and/or business license in the city/county in which the business operates, if applicable
Partnership Partnership Agreement
Limited Liability Company (LLC) Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement (if more than one member owns LLC)
Corporation Articles of Incorporation
Association, Club, or Unincorporated Organization Bylaws or Organizational Documentation AND Meeting Minutes or Signed Statement on Letterhead stating intent to open account and signers
Estate Death Certificate, Letter of Administration / Executorship
Trust Trust Documents

*Additional documentation may be required.
**If a business is a 501(c)(3) Not for Profit, a Letter of Verification from the IRS is required for Non-Profit Checking.
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