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Freedom First Credit Union

Credit Score Monitoring

Branded Star Mark
Branded Star Mark

Free Credit Score Monitoring Tools

Great news! We've just launched a new free tool in the Freedom First app & online banking portal that allows credit score tracking, identity theft protection, and more!

And the best part? It uses a 'soft pull' on your credit, which means you can check your score without impacting it.

Monitor Your Credit Score
Analyze Your Credit Score
Find Ways to Improve Your Credit Score
View a Snapshot of Your Credit Report
Visualize Credit Score Events Over Time
Access More Resources and FAQs
To sign up, simply open up your Freedom First mobile app or online banking portal, scroll down to the credit score gauge button, click and agree to track your score. Remember, it's free for Freedom First members, and using it will not trigger a hard inquiry on your credit report.

If you don't see the widget pop up in your app, just scroll down to the bottom, click 'Organize Dashboard,' click 'Add a Card,' and select 'Credit Score & Report.'

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