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Going Green - Save The World While Saving Money

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How does this help you and the environment?

Digital banking

In the age where errands can be done from your living room couch, banking is right there along with shopping for clothing or airline tickets.

Digital banking is growing greener with each technical advancement. Mobile banking helps the environment by saving the gas you’d need for the trip and the paper used for statements and receipts. Credit card use saves on paper, metals and energy used to create, track and replace cash. With instant-pay sites like Paypal and online bill paying, virtually all paper used in the production of checks, receipts and money can be eliminated. 

Are there any risks to digital banking?

The benefits are fantastic, but digital banking does come with several minor risks. Some people find budget-keeping more difficult when a glance at a phone screen reveals a generous bank balance while neglecting payments that are still outstanding. The best fix for this is to set up separate accounts for checking, savings, and spending so you know exactly what’s in your accounts. 

The biggest threat is the fear of hackers and identity theft. To this end, Freedom First uses industry-leading security protection technology-like two-factor authentication (2FA), which can be strengthened when you choose strong passwords and refrain from banking on public computers. 24/7 securely monitored websites are more and more common among Credit Unions.

The advent of online banking has reduced the quantity of paper scraps containing personal information. This in and of itself is reducing incidences of identity theft. Freedom First credit and debit cards can be linked to the free CardValet® app, so that you can set custom usage and access settings on your cards. By linking credit cards to Mobile Wallet you will have the added benefit of seamless security at payment terminals and online shopping sites. Mobile Wallet is a contactless, convenient payment system and is the most secure way to pay at stores, hotels, or even for online purchases. Mobile Wallet encrypts every transaction, so your credit card, debit card, and account information all remain inaccessible to others.

Do banking initiatives directly support environmental sustainability?

Every ethical financial institution’s goal is to support the sustainability and health of its community. Credit unions lead the charge nationally by supporting local businesses. The shorter the distance that goods travel, the less carbon dioxide that leaks into the atmosphere. 

How does this help you?

Aside from the benefits of going green, sustainable banking offers many advantages: It can be done anytime, anywhere. You save on gas. E-statements keep everything organized and in one place, which also helps with budgeting. A simple sign in to online banking and your e-statements are stored for quick perusal.

Instant payment allows you to, well, be paid instantly. No more misplacing checks or waiting for them to clear. With automatic bill payments, you can forget about your bills without forgetting to pay them, keeping your stress levels down and your credit scores high. To get a complete financial picture you can use an online tool like Money Manager that will let you sync your accounts from more that 17,000 financial institutions-all without driving anywhere!

Ultimately, saving the earth can save you time, money and energy.


To be part of the future, take these four easy steps:

  • Download the Freedom First Mobile app for easy access to your accounts from everywhere!
  • Enroll in paperless statements to get your important financial updates securely within online banking.
  • Set up direct deposit to make loan payments and to take advantage of Freedom First Cash and Stash™ - Checking accounts that pay you!
  • Use online bill pay to automatically and securely pay your bills each month.
Are you ready to go green and save the planet while saving money? Join Freedom First today!
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