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Access is Easier Than You May Think

With a Freedom First ATM card or Visa debit card and our extensive ATM network of thousands of surcharge-free ATMs, money is always close by.

You can find ATM locations on our website.

If you may still have questions, check out our FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your ATMs located?
Freedom First ATMs are located at the Towers, Tanglewood, Salem, South Main, Christiansburg, Botetourt, Crossroads, Vinton, Bonsack, Prices Fork, and Langhorne branches.

Is there a fee if I use a Freedom First ATM?
There is no fee to use a Freedom First ATM to access your Freedom First accounts.

Can I use ATMs other than Freedom First ATMs?
There are thousands of surcharge-free ATMs available – look for the CULIANCE or Allpoint logos. Please use the Locator page on the Freedom First website to find ATMs near you.

What is the fee if I use an ATM that is not Freedom First’s?
For non-Freedom First ATMs or those not designated with a CULIANCE or Allpoint logo, there is a fee for transfers or withdrawals, as well as a fee for denied transactions. Please refer to the Consumer Fee Schedule. Be aware that other fees may be assessed by the owner of the ATM.

Are there any ATMs I can use if I am in another state? What is the fee?
Surcharge-free ATMs are available in other states. Please use the Locator page on the Freedom First website to find ATMs near you.

Can I use ATMs in foreign countries?
You can use ATMs in other countries, but you are subject to the foreign ATM fee if they are not included in the network. Please use the Locator page on the Freedom First website to find ATMs in those countries.

How much money can I withdraw from an ATM?
You are allowed to withdraw up to $515 from an ATM per 24-hour period.

Can I make deposits at an ATM?
Freedom First members can make deposits at the ATMs at our Bonsack, Prices Fork, and Langhorne branches. This feature is not available to non-members. We also offer night drop boxes at the Salem, Christiansburg, Vinton, Towers, Tanglewood, Crossroads, and Botetourt branches. Non-Freedom First ATMs in the network may accept deposits, but it may take longer to credit the deposit to your account and may have a fee associated with the transaction.

Can I customize the screen on ATMs to make it easier to use?
Freedom First ATMs have accessibility settings to give you the best possible experience. If more assistance is needed, please call the Contact Center at 540-389-0244 (toll free 866-389-0244) or see a branch manager at a branch convenient to you.

How do I get an ATM card or debit card?
ATM cards (associated with a Share or Savings accounts only) or Visa debit cards (associated with Checking accounts) can be ordered through a branch or by calling the Contact Center at 540-389-0244 (toll free 866-389-0244). If you are ordering or picking up a card at a branch, please have a valid government-issued ID with you.
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