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Deposit Your Checks on the Go

Deposit AnywhereSM is a free and fast mobile deposit service available from the Freedom First Mobile app, which is available on iTunes and Google Play for Android.

Deposit a check using the camera on your mobile phone, and, in many cases, funds will be available in less than 15 minutes!

Get the most out of Deposit AnywhereSM by reading our Frequently Asked Questions and Tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deposit Anywhere℠?
Deposit Anywhere℠ is a free service offered through the Freedom First Mobile app that lets members deposit checks over the internet using their smart phones, mobile devices, and tablets.

Does Deposit Anywhere℠ require a mobile app?
To access Online Banking and use Deposit Anywhere℠ with your mobile phone, you will need to download the Freedom First Mobile app from the iTunes or Google Play app stores.

Can I still use Deposit Anywhere℠ if I don’t use a mobile device?
No. Deposit Anywhere℠ is conveniently accessible from within the mobile app only.

How safe is Deposit Anywhere℠?
Deposit Anywhere℠ uses the advanced encryption and security technology contained within Freedom First’s Mobile Banking, so images are not stored on your mobile device. Sign out of Mobile Banking or close the app after completing a transaction to be even more secure.

What types of checks can I deposit using Deposit Anywhere℠?
You may deposit personal, business, and government-issued checks payable in U.S. dollars and drawn at any U.S. credit union or bank. International checks, savings bonds, money orders, remotely created checks, convenience (line of credit) checks, and cash are not eligible for Deposit Anywhere℠.

Are there certain days or times that I cannot use Deposit Anywhere℠?
No. Deposit Anywhere℠ is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How long will it take for my funds to be available?
Funds can be available in less than 15 minutes.* You will receive a text message if business rules enable the funds to be released prior to standard hold times as described in your Account Agreement.

What should I do with my checks after I deposit them?
Keep your checks in a safe place for 60 days from the date of deposit.

Why doesn’t Deposit Anywhere℠ work on my device?
Every phone and tablet can provide a different user experience. The age of the device and its settings, camera, and other factors may affect its ability to perform the function. Since the mobile app uses the latest touch ID technology you may stay logged in at all times. To enroll in Deposit Anywhere℠ for the first time after downloading the app, make sure to log out completely under Settings and then log back in to activate Deposit Anywhere℠.

Is Deposit Anywhere℠ available to Business accounts?
Yes, Deposit Anywhere℠ is available for Business accounts.

Online Banking Tip: Freedom First uses both email and text to confirm your deposits. Check the email address and mobile phone number you have listed within Online Banking to ensure that Deposit Anywhere℠ messages reach you.


Here are some picture taking tips should you be having trouble capturing a good image of your check:

  • Take photo in a well-lit room
  • Place check on dark, non-reflective surface
  • Remove other objects from around check
  • Make sure all four corners of the check are captured in the photo
  • Move back a few inches if the image is blurry
  • Position camera directly above the check

We recommend keeping your scanned check for at least 60 days after your deposit. If you have issues, call our Contact Center at 540-389-0244 or visit a branch and someone will help you with the Deposit Anywhere℠ app.

*Deposit limits determined by account history and other factors. Freedom First Mobile is a free service from Freedom First Credit Union, but your mobile carrier’s data and text rates may apply. Deposit Anywhere is a free service that lets members deposit checks over the internet using smart phones, mobile devices, and tablets.
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