How early can I expect my paycheck with Direct Deposit at Freedom First?
With Freedom First's Get Paid Early feature on our Direct Deposits, you could potentially receive your funds up to 2 days before payday. Please note that this time frame is subject to receipt from originator and other terms and conditions.

What other benefits can I get with Direct Deposit?
Unlike paper checks, your Direct Deposit is not subject to holds, so you can save time and gas money by not having to pick up your checks or visit a branch to deposit them. This also means that you have faster access to your funds. If you have a Freedom First checking account, a monthly Direct Deposit of $1,000 or more comes with even more perks.

Can Freedom First set up my Direct Deposit?
No, the deposit must be originated by the payee - your employer. However, Freedom First can provide you with a form that contains all of the information needed to begin direct deposit. Download the Direct Deposit form here.

Can my Direct Deposit be split up?
If you would like your Direct Deposit split up, we recommend asking your employer if this is possible from their end. If your employer does not have the ability to split your Direct Deposit, then we can help you work around it. You can use Online Banking to set up recurring transfers between your accounts. If you don't have Online Banking, a member of our team can assist you in setting up recurring transfers - just contact us by calling our Contact Center at 540-389-0244 (local) / 866-389-0244 (toll-free), or visiting a branch.

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