How do I request to send funds via a wire transfer?
You may visit one of our convenient branches and one of our banking professionals can assist you. Or, you may download the Wire Transfer Request Form and fax the request to us at 540-378-8952.

What information is required to complete a wire transfer request?
You will need to provide us with the following information:

  • Your account number (where the funds will come from)
  • A contact phone number where we can reach you for a wire transfer verification call-back
  • Information about the beneficiary (recipient of the funds), their account, and their financial institution:
    • 9-digit ABA routing number* of the receiving institution (beneficiary's financial institution)
    • The name and address of the receiving institution
    • The beneficiary's account number, name on their account, and their address
*Please note that for wire transfers, most financial institutions have a special routing number, or an ABA routing number. This is a different number from the one listed at the bottom of your checks. Please contact the beneficiary's financial institution to get the ABA routing number.

When will my request be processed?
Wire transfer requests received before 12:00 pm will be processed the next business day. Requests received after 12:00 pm will be treated as having been received the next business day.

Is there a fee to send or receive a wire transfer?
Yes, please check the current consumer fee schedule or the Wire Transfer Request Form for the current fees.

If someone is wiring me money, what information do I need to provide them?
You will need to provide them our name, address, and ABA routing number:

Freedom First Credit Union
P.O. Box 1999
Salem, VA 24153
ABA#: 251483023

You will also need to provide them your account number and name on the account, as well as identify whether the funds are to go into savings, checking, or other.

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